Who I am

I am a developer, UX, UI, web designer. I was born and raised In Greece, currently living in Athens
I like basketball, cooking and entrepreneurship
I am ambitious, creative, and love to work for what I believe in.
I speak English, Greek, Spanish, French

What I do

I build fully functional, elegant, responsive websites, determined to the best possible and compelling result.

I focus more on the front-end design, user interface - user experience part of websites.

I like to design wireframes, layouts, logos, graphics for any brand.

I can provide maintainance , optimization , services over websites, with or without wordpress or any other similar products.
I study computer science in Athens University of Economics and Business.

What I have accomplished

I have always had a passion for painting, designing and creating exquisite artworks. I discovered how to express my passion through web developement and design in late 2017. Ever since I have collaborated with a number of companies and clients to provide my services.

I have 1+ year of experience in web design . Furthermore I have been the social media content creator and campaign manager of a public figure, for more than a year.

Experience is the key to professional enhancement and improvement towards perfection. That is where I'm aiming for, and to get closer to it through daily developement and work.

I am ambitious, hungry for knowledge, determined to success.

I believe in my skills and abilities as well as in my inner ambitions, so for sure you can count on me.




telephone: (+30) 697 9503 798
e-mail: dimitrisdortas@gmail.com / dimdortas@hotmail.gr
facebook: Dimitris Dortas
instagram: dimdortas
LinkedIn: Dimitris Dortas